March 5, 2010

Technic Challenge_March - Final Pic's!

Right Side
 Here are the final Pic's for my Half-Track for the Technic challenge!  I added a few more features!  Here's the whole list of features:
  1. R/C (Steering and Drive)
  2. Front Suspension
  3. Headlights and Tail-lights
  4. Grip pegs on the treads
  5. Differential-Lock
  6. Turret (for decoration)
  7. Engine (for decoration)
  8. Working Doors
  9. Working Engine Hood
WOW!  Lot's of cool features!  I'm sorry I didn't add 4WD, but I think I got about a 40% chance of at least getting into the voting part (just a WILD guess).
Right side (again)
 So, there you go.  I'm submitting it in now...
Close-Up of turret (sorry, bad Pic)

Right Side with doors open

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