March 5, 2010

Upcoming Hitechnic Sensor!

YES!!  I just got my LegoEd catalog and I LOVE IT!  I found LOT'S of cool stuff!  Not necessarily new stuff, but still...I found this Hitechnic Angle Sensor and I don't think anybody has blogger about this yet, so here it is.....It says:
The Hitechnic Angle Sensor provides a method to determin the agular position and rotation speed of an axle.  When a LEGO Technic axle is connected to the Angle Sensor, the sensor will measure the axle rotation and output three properties: angular position in the range of 0 to 359 degrees, accumulated rotaion angle in degrees, and axle rotation speed (RPM).  The Angle Sensor supports seperate commands to reset the current angle and the accumulated angle registers and provides a low friction cross axel connection and is accurate to one degree resolution.
WOW!  Pretty sweet!  The page says "Available February 2010".  Unless I'm craze (:-P) it's March now.  What is that, 1 month after February?  Yes, OK, only one.  So, what could you build with this?  Have any ideas?  Are you thinking of buying it?  Comment!

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