March 4, 2010

Technic Challenge_March - Creation_Differential lock

Right Side with Remote
 Well, I finished one more goal I set for my Half-Track.  The Differential Lock is now in place.  Though not R/Ced yet, I do have a PF Switch with indicators (Red = locked, White = un-locked).  I have hooked it up with a M-Motor and a Clutch Gear/Worm Gear.  By putting in the Diff. Lock, I had nowhere to put the Battery Box, so, I had to put it under the Half-Track.  Sadly, this takes away LOTS of clearance between the ground/floor and the Half-Track itself.  My next goal: (edit, 4WD canceled): Look like a Half-track vehicle.
Close-up of Diff. Lock (unlocked)

Close-up of Diff. Lock (locked)

Close-up of remote a reposition of Battery Box

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