February 2, 2012

Updates on the upcoming 9398 Off-Roader!!!

YES!  It's true!  We finally got some new close-ups of the new Technic 2H2012 9398 Off-Roader!  In this picture, you can clearly see one of the new motors (the suspected steering servo motor).

Some more pic's of the colors.  I think it's pretty cool lookin' :-)
Some cool things we're seeing here.  I've heard some rumors about a new remote (because of the new servo motor), but it looks like it's the same.  I just wish, when I used the remote, red lasers would come out of it :-D
And, best of all, THERE'S A VIDEO!  :-D



  1. I think this is an extremely cool vehicle, with great design and function.

    However, I think the color choices are garish and the look is ridiculous. I sure hope they offer it in a more reasonable color scheme.

    In any case, i'll probably get one for parts, since this seems to have a great variety of useful elements.

  2. Ya...If anything...I'll buy it for the new motors! In the video, they make it look like the motors are really powerful. My hope is that is straight from the motor and wasn't geared down at all.