August 3, 2012

I'm done.........for now

Sorry everyone.  I got a job and my life is just so darn busy right now to build or make podcasts.  Hopefully this won't last too long, but until further notice, I will not be posting on here.

May 10, 2012

Long time, no see..

Hello all people of the world!!!

WOW!  There has been SOOOO much happening for me and the rest of the LEGO community!  Let's see.  For me:

  • Joined an FRC Team
  • Entered in the EuroBricks "To Sail the Technic Sea" contest and got in the top 15!  (Contest page....Entry Page)
  • Getting a LOT of new video projects, so HOPEFULLY, my next podcast will be the BEST yet!  :-D
For the LEGO community:
  • New Technic sets coming out!
  • New sensors from Dexter Industries
  • Mindboards was down, then back up again!  YAY!!!
  • Lot's of other cool stuff!  :-/
It's been a long time since I've posted here.  I'm hoping to get a podcast started pretty soon.
Sorry for the long time between posts.  I hope it'll NEVER happen again!  :-/

Stay tuned for a new podcast! :-D

Joey "jojoguy10"

March 22, 2012

New sensor from Mindsensors!

Remember how you would almost NEVER use PF motors in your Mindstorms MOC's because they were so inaccurate?  Well, grab your PF motors out of their shelf, Mindsensors has come up with a solution!

Actually, there is already a solution made by HiTechnic.  They have their angle sensor, but it's the same size as a LEGO sensor, so, it's kind of hard to put it anywhere.  Well, Mindsensors just smashed that problem into pieces!  Their solution is about 1 stud thick and about the size of an XL-Motor.  Introducing, the Mindsensors GlideWheel!
According to the product page:

"This Device will have several models -

One model will allow you to connect PF Motors to NXT Motor port. It will have encoder support to control them precisely.
Second model will be similar, for RCX motors. 
Third model will be a digital angle sensor, to measure angle with 1 degree precision."

:-O.  Great job Mindsensors!  Can't wait to see it! :-)

Joey "jojoguy10"

March 7, 2012

Controlling PF.....via bluetooth!

Hello hello hello!

There's a team of individuals creating a new PF element that makes it possible for you to control your PF motors via bluetooth (smartphone, tablet, of PC!)  They're calling it the "Core" project.

Here is their presentation:

They would like you to answer this quick 5 min. survey on your thoughts, ideas, and such.

Seems pretty cool.  Though, I don't have a smartphone or tablet, I do have a PC, so I hope they go through with that.


March 3, 2012

LEGO Falkirk Wheel!

HEY!!!  HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!  :-D  This is Joe here showing you my latest MOC!  A LEGO version of the famous Falkirk Wheel!
Here's the description I gave on my EuroBricks post:

"Did you know one of the architects of the Falkirk Wheel (Tony Gee) originally made the gearing mechanism out of LEGO? [1] The Falkirk Wheel is a "boat elevator" in Scotland. It was opened on May 24th, 2002 by Queen Elizabeth II. [2]

This is just a bunch of random facts. Let's get down to my build:

This is it. The specs:
  • 2 PF Battery Boxes
  • 2 PF Switches
  • 4 PF M-Motors
  • 2 PF IR Receivers
  • 6 short turntables
  • A bunch of panels (but not enough in the same color Posted Image)
  • A bunch of (mainly) 24t gears
  • And a bunch of other parts

There are more pictures in my G+ folder here:

First Video:

Second Video:

Thanks for taking a look at it!
Joey "jojoguy10"

[1]: Falkirk Wheel PDF file
[2]: Falkirk Wheel Wikipedia Page "


March 2, 2012

9397 Logging Truck now available at LEGO Shop@Home!

Finally!  The 1H2012 Logging Truck is now available at S@H!  You can get it here for $139.99 + shipping!

Happy building!

[via TechnicBRICKS]

February 24, 2012

PriNXT by Leon Overweel!

This is an AMAZING NXT printer!  There are some really great printers out there, but this is a whole new look on NXT printing.

Here's the video:

You can see more (or rather ALL) of the down-low of the PriNXT at Leon's blog: World of Mindstorms.

Fantastic job!