December 31, 2011

Year-end report

Well, it's getting closer to the END OF THE YEAR! :-O

It's OK people!  Just another year :-)

TechN'XT has been doing pretty good (people are still coming....that's good, right?)  Unfortunately, since I had to change the name back in June, I only have a little bit of data :-(.  Here's what I DO have though (June 26th, 2011 and on):
Clustrmaps (my hits included):

Google Analytics:
Visits by country

Overview of all visits (from June 26th)

Not too bad.  That peak is 53 visits.  So far (with the 7th podcast out), there has been a total of 157 visits! :-D

Well, until next year!  Hope you had a good Christmas and I hope you have a good New Year's!  Send me comments (I'll do pretty much anything to make my viewers happy :-).  Stand on my head for my next podcast?  Ehh... :-/ )

Until next year!


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