October 21, 2011

New 1H2012 Technic Sets coming soon!

Well, people are starting to get some rumors about them, so let's put them in line.
9290 Mini Tow Truck
First up is the 9290 Mini Tow Truck.  It's pretty simple.  Although, instead of an 8t/worm gear combo in a mini model, there is just steering and the winch (just a knob).  Overall, a pretty cool model for its size.
9391 Mini Crane
Next is the 9391 Mini Crane.Again, pretty simple, but the reason why I would get this set is because of the new mini turntable part!  (More on that later).  It's also got some tracks (always good to have).
9392 Quad Bike
The 9392 Quad Bike! Pretty cool!  Its got some cool orange parts!  Nothing extremely cool about this set.  It's got suspension and steering for features.
9394 Jet Plane
The 9394 Jet Plane looks......strange to me.  I hear people saying that the nose looks too much like a helicopter nose.  I kind of agree.  But, aside from that, it has a cool wing function!
9395 Pick-Up Truck
Next is the bother to the 8285 Tow Truck, the 9395 Tow truck (Would've been cool to match up the 2nd and 4th numbers.  lol!)  A very cool model.  Cool tires, cool functions.  If I had the money, I'd get this!
9397 Logging Truck
And, finally......the 9397 Logging Truck!  "The Big One" of the Technic sets for 1h2012!  It (along with the mini crane) also has the new turntable gear!  It's also got those cool tires and cool functions!

Then there's the new turntable gear!  It has a square hole in the middle and 28 teeth!  The square hole can fit:
  • 4 pneumatic hoses or
  • An axle or
  • A pole reverser switch (or similar) or
  • A pneumatic cylinder or an LA (or their mini counterparts) or
  • A U-Joint or
  • An axle joiner or
  • A standard beam

I know I didn't cover the B-models or anything in-depth.  But, TechnicBRICKS did a GREAT summery of all the models (which is where I got the pictures from.  Thanks TB!)  GO check them out!  HERE


[via TechnicBRICKS]

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  1. I can't wait until they come out!!! I really would like to get the logging truck.