August 27, 2011

New MOC! COCO_MILK 2.0! (Pt. 1)

Remember a while ago (a little more than a year ago) when I made the NXT_COCOMILK?  I made a new one!

When I built the old one back in 2010, I knew there was LOT'S of room to improve.

  • It was WAY too long and flimsy
  • The modules didn't work very well
  • The track was too narrow (the cup would tip)
So, I took those problems to mind, and went to work.

Disclaimer: development pic's :-(
I started with the powder module.  It's a pretty basic design.  Just one NXT Motor controlling two LA's that open a trap door to let the powder fall out into the glass.

Next, I started on the stirring module (I know, not in order).  It was the hardest part to build. I had to make it tall enough to go into the cup most of the way, but not too tall that it would tip over.  So, I thought...and thought, and thought.  Until I came up with a nifty design that will solve the height issue mostly.  You can see in the bottom-right picture, that I used some wheel hubs and axle's to make an extension.
Other than the height issue, another issue was the weight.  I had to use two NXT motors on top to make it easier and faster to raise up the stick.  I had to have lot's of support.

Next, was the milk dispenser.  This design was much like the design on my last Maker.  I wanted to add one improvement   My family likes two different kinds of milk: 1% and Non-fat.  I wanted this to work for everyone, so I used two water bottles for both milks.  I have yet to test my system, but I think it should would just fine.

Lastly, was the conveyor belt.  Again, pretty simple design.  The problem with my last Maker's design, was it was too flimsy and tippy.  This conveyor belt uses two track sets and there's a guide ALL the way down that holds the "car" in place.

Then, I had to do some wiring.  The sensors I used:
  • NXT 1
    • 3 Motors
    • 1 IR Link Sensor
    • Port 4_RS-485
  • NXT 2
    • 3 Motors
    • 1 Hitechnic Touch MUX (with 4 touch sensors)
    • Port 4_RS-485
Here are the final pic's.  Video is coming soon.  I have not programmed it as of yet, but am currently.

Stay tuned!



  1. That is pretty awesome!!! Can't wait until you come out with the video.
    P.S. Where can you get the gears that you used in the stirring module?

  2. Well, I'm not sure what gear you're talking about. There's the normal 24t gears, the gear racks, and the 40t to reset it. Each one can be fgound on :-)


  3. Well I meant the gear rack ( I didn'tknow what it was called)