May 7, 2010

NXT_COCOMILK (Yup, new name)

Well, unfortunately, the NXT_COCO has died :-(.  The only problem was that the boiling water would melt the water bottle (lol), so, I had to change the name to: NXT_COCOMILK.  Because it's Chocolate milk, instead of hot chocolate.  Anyway, you probably want to see some pic's right?  Well, here they are (See them all HERE[link]):
New powder dispenser
I have added some tiles, so that the pwder doesn't get stuck in those studs
Whole contraption (new stir module)
Rear of contraption (sorry for the glare :-(
Stir module
Stir bit (I have made a new bit that will be up soon)
There you have it!  The program is about 82.14159265% done (lol).  More pic's coming soon!

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