May 14, 2011

I'm still here!

Hello everyone!  I'm back from a long absence.

There has been a lot of updates since my last post, and I want to post some of them here.


Mindsensors has released their newest product!  The Servo Operated Pneumatic Valve Kit!  This is their servo-controller pneumatic valve.  For $22.95 you can get it WITH a valve included or $19.45 WITHOUT a valve.

On other news, they6 also have a new "Coming Soon..." sensor!  The Dual-Relay driver for NXT.

"With this device, you will be able to control two relays. (You could also use it to power on/off high power motors).
Rated for 18 Volts, 10 Amps." (Mindsensors)



For hiTechnic, They have a new block out!  The PID motor block! It gives the ability to accurately control a NXT servo motor.  It was used in their new sample model, the IR RC Kart, that uses the PID block instead of a differential.


And, last, but not least, Dexter Ind.  They have been a bunch of busy bee's with their WiFi sensor and their dGPS sensor (And now the new Thermal IR Camera sensor!).  Let's start with the WiFi sensor.

Their new WiFi sensor (not yet for sale) gives the user the ability to control their robot through the internet!  Xander Soldaat has been beta testing it and has created a camera and a few simple commands that YOU can give to HIS robot through the INTERNET!!  You can play around with his NXT too!  Just go to his blog:

Next, is their Thermal IR Camera Sensor.  It was just mentioned today by D.I. themselves. With it, you will be able to tell the temperature of an object...WITHOUT touching it!  If you've ever watched the TV show "MythBusters", you might know what these are.  They are a special camera that shows a "heat map" of the object(s) the camera is looking at.  The sensor D.I. is going to use can measure objects as hot as 380 degrees Celsius!

Well, hope you enjoyed this LONG re-cap post!


P.S.  May be moving back to Blogger soon!  YAY!

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