April 16, 2011

A special MOC...

Lately I haven't been building a whole lot, but I decided I want to build something that may get noticed!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Justin Lan's robot"][/caption]

This robot is by a guy who does a LOT of RCX robots and projects!  You can see more robots that he made at his website.

[caption id="attachment_737" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="NeXTSTORM's Synchro-drive"][/caption]

This robot is made by NeXTSTORM  who also builds some AMAZING robots!  His wheel base turns MUCH faster than mine.  It also looks very cool :-).  You can see more of his awesome MOC's at his website.

OK, now that I've shown you some background info, let's move onto my creation spec's

  • 4 wheels

  • 4 small turntables

  • about 400 parts

  • Uses the HiTechnicTouch Multiplexer for the four touch sensors attached

  • 1 NXT

  • 3 NXT Motors

OK, now for some.......PIC'S!

I don't have a video (YET!), but one will come soon.

I have other ideas to make it better. One of the cons of this MOC: when the wheels spin, the robot goes off-center a bit (because of the rubber tires). So, I'm going to get a total of 4 3L differentials and put those in each wheel. Another idea is to add an all-around "touch sensor".

I also have a simple program that makes it go forward until ANY of the touch sensors are press, backs up, turns, and loops. I wrote it in NXC :D


P.S. Podcast (hopefully) coming soon!


  1. Hatch out jojoguy10, the gear of the 3l differentials seem to be bigger than your wheels.

  2. Don't worry. I already tried it, and, it's close, but still smaller than the wheel :)

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