January 19, 2011

First LEGO-X Review: 7158

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="414" caption="Hero Factory 7158 Furno Bike!"][/caption]

Woo hoo!  From my FLL team that I co-coach, here is the 7158 Hero Factory Furno Bike!  This is a great set!  Though it may seem small, it's actually quite large!


Here are some parts I thought were VERY cool to have!  (I will name them by my names/Bricklink #)

*) 2 of the new Technic tires (88517/88516)

*) 2 Axel-4 with stop (87083)

*) 3 Axel and Pin connector triple (63869)

*) 2 Red Zamor Spheres (bb194)

The tires/wheels were my FAVORITE pieces!  They are kind of like the old RCX wheels (white rim, black tire).  Though their grip isn't as good as the RCX ones, they look much more stylish!


The build experience was fairly easy.  It took me about 15 min. to complete.  In terms of how hard it is (1 out of 10 [10 being HARD!  1 being Duplos]) I'd rate it a 3 or 4.


I like to play with toy motorcycles :).  I like to sit on the floor and spin in circles acting as if I'm the side-cam in a movie.  I've had lots of fun playing with this set, and I think pretty much anyone would too.


Overall, I think that this set is a good start for Technic builders (even though it's Hero Factory).  It's easy, and has LOTS of great parts to start of your collection!


I will now rate with 5 stars being the most:

Playability: * * * * *

Building experience: * * *

Building Ease: * * * *

Parts assortment: * * * * *

Thanks for reading the first ever LEGO-X review.  I always though that reviews were sort of like X-rays.  So, from now on, I will now call them




  1. Hahaha 1 being Duplos hahaha, that make my day.
    10 its like UCS from star wars

  2. HAHAHA! Good :-). I'm glad I made your day :-)