January 1, 2011

Building 3 new Custom Sets soon (hopefully)

Hello everyone!

You what I do for fun when I want a new set, but I don't have enough money for?  That's right, I make them anyway :) .  I'm planning to build 3 new customs sets pretty soon: The 8455 Backhoe, the 8421 Mobile Crane, and the 8258 Crane Truck.

For the 8455 I need a few more parts:

  • 3 Pneumatic Cylinders, 1 Small bucket, 1 10x18 Bucket, 3 Engine Crankshafts, and 2 56x30 Tires

For the 8421 I need a few parts too:

  • 2 Bionicle Bohrok Shoulders, 1 Buggy Motor, 8 62.4x20 tire and hub, and 2 small wheels

The 8258 Crane truck needs the most pieces:

  • 3 Drive Ring extensions, 2 Linear Actuator holder (The horseshoe style), 4 1x13 gear racks (the new ones), 4 Panel Plate 1x5x11, 1 steering wheel, and, again, the 62.4x20 tire and hub.

So, I looked around, and I can get ALL of these parts for around $100 (somewhat including Shipping & Handling).  Maybe around my birthday I will have at least the mobile crane done (that's my most favorite of the three).

Have a great 2011, and Play well!


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