August 25, 2010

*Update!* Excavator coming back from vacation

*This is an update to the previous post about the 8043 Excavator*

We now know the piece that was faulty: the boom Linear Actuator.  Apparently, there was too much strain on it, so that's why it didn't function properly.

"Our Quality team have investigated and it appears that the digging arm itself (specifically the ‘linear actuator’), which works perfectly well in our other sets, is not strong enough to lift the arm of our Motorized Excavator 8043. The piece itself is not faulty or unsafe, but gets too strained in combination with all the gear-wheels used in this particular set."


For the people that have already bought this set, you have two options:

"you have the option of returning the set for a full refund or credit with Shop @ Home. If you’d like to do that, please get in touch with us and let us know."

"However, we also realize that this is a unique set and so you might not want to return it, you just want it to work properly. Because of this, we have created a second option: We are having a new replacement part made which we will send to you as soon as it’s ready. We’ve only just started the design and production of this new piece, so it may not be available until early October. "

"In the meantime, if you choose not to return your set but to wait for the replacement piece, we'd like to offer you a GBP 10.00 credit with our apologies and we will send the new part as soon as possible."


This has been an update for the missing Excavator.  This is jojoguy10, signing off.

[via Brickset]

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