February 23, 2010

NXT MotorMUX (Not HiTechnic or Mindsensors)

5 Special Programing blocks for NXT-G.
The MotorMUX
Well, I have never heard of this company before.  Though it IS in Russian.  Anyway, I ws reading Xanders latest post, so I'm going to forward it on.  There's this company called "LEGO MINDSTORMS in Ukraine!". And they sell a NXT Motor Multiplexer (MUX).  You can see in the yellow-background pic, that there are 5 special blocks that you have to download.  And the other pic. for the MUX itself.  You can check out the product page HERE(link).  Unfortunetly, the page is in Russian, but with Google Translate, that shouldn't be a problem!

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