February 24, 2010

Have any new ideas for a AWESOME FUTURE NXT?

Hello everyone!  I've always wanted to do one of these, and now I will.  If you could improve the NXT, what would be your improvement?  I have a poll (above the chatbox), Google Form, and the comment on this post.  So, somehow, someway, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS!!!  You CAN enter multiple times (but only in the comments page and the Google Form)!


  1. Have a sensor mode that allows pin 1 of the sensor port (the analog input) to short to the 9V power supply. This would allow hooking up I2C devices that control motors with a single connector, instead of the existing kludges that require a sensor connector and a separate power connector. It is currently possible to configure the sensor port to provide 9V power over pin 1 for RCX active sensors (e.g. the light sensor), but it it limited to 39 milliamps.
    I looked at the schematics for the various NxT and RCX sensors, motors, and ports; this should be doable without posing risk to any devices. This would be the same as hooking up a sensor to a motor port and running the motor - the sensor were designed to tolerate this type of mistake.

  2. The screen could be OLED and bigger with SD card reader USB and BT and WIFI and Stereo