October 6, 2009

Hitechnic Sensor MUX (finally) released!!!!!!

YAY!!!! :-D  The long awaited Hitechnic sensor Multiplexer is here!!!
Quoted from Nxtasy.org
The following sensors are currently supported:

  • Analogue (EOPD, light sensor, gyroscope, sound sensor)
  • Lego Ultra Sonic Sensor
  • HiTechnic Compass Sensor
  • HiTechnic Colour Sensor, both the new and the old one
  • HiTechnic Accelerometer Sensor
  • HiTechnic IR Seeker Sensor, both the new and the old one
WOW!  That's going to be awesome!  I have a total of 6 sensors: touch, light, sound, Ultrasonic, color V1 and Accelerometer.

is going to try to get this sensor MUX!!

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