July 14, 2011


Incredible!  It all started back in 2008 when the 8275 Bulldozer came out when Marc-Andre Bazergui created Wall-E version 1.  Then he wanted to make it bigger and created Wall-E3 (Wall-E2 was a remake of Wall-E1 that is currently in Billund, Denmark [LEGO Headquarters]).  Next, in zWall-E4, he took out ALL of the PF motors and made an NXT-only Wall-E (with 3 NXT's and 8 motors!)  Finally, he created Wall-E5 to be able to transform into a brick like in the movie.

VERY well done on ALL of your Wall-E's Marc!

You can see a video that Marc put together at the bottom after the pictures.........

Great job Marc!

[via TheNXTStep and LEGO Mindstorms: News]

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