July 16, 2011

New Hitechnic sensor!

Hitechnic has just announced their next sensor!  It's a barometric sensor.  With a built-in temperature sensor and an altimeter (of sorts).

The sensor can measure 1/1000th Inch of Mercury (inHg) and 1/10th Hectopascals.  And temperature is measured in 1/10th degree Celsius and Fahrenheit.  (Fahrenheit is just a conversion from Celsius).  The elevation sensing part of it can measure in Feet and Meters.

"By default, the altitude calculation is based on a "standard atmosphere" with an altitude pressure at sea-level of 29.921 inHg."  (HiTechnic)

Maybe if you had the Compass, Barometric, and Angle sensors, you could build a robotic weatherman!

They are asking the normal HT sensor price: $54.95


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