June 2, 2011

New set! 8110 Unimog U400!!!!

YAY!  Coming soon form Technic is the new Unimog U400!

Said to cost around $275 ( :-( ), the U400 will have over 2000 pieces including:

  • Pneumatics

  • New HUGE tires ("94.3 x 38R")

  • Looks to be about 12 Technic Panels (5x11)

  • And MUCH more!

This Technic model is a 1:12 scale of the original U400.  It also is going to have at least 1 motor and 1 battery box.

The U4oo also supports 4-wheel drive and coil-spring articulating solid axles, plus a powered winch on the front of this beast!

TechnicBRICKS gives us some pictures with drawings to give us a better idea:




  • Green: I had this suspicion before, but not I'm pretty sure it is confirmed. With 2.048 parts the Unimog should be quite heavy and thus requiring stronger suspension or shock absorbers.
    The spring coils used on the Unimog look different from all those ever released in the previous LEGO Technic models. The coil pitch looks quite larger than usual, likely meaning stronger springs and consequently heavier suspensions.
    Bet it might open some new possibilities (e.g. for the heavier TrTr vehicles).

  • Red: This doesn't seem to match with anything known to date. Maybe a new kind of frame similar to 64178 or 64179. A new C-Shape frame would be highly appreciated and it seems to fit nicely in this application (an articulated solid axle).

  • Yellow: Still quite fuzzy but the hub gearboxes behind the portal axles might be here...

  • Blue: It looks the PF M-motor with its multiple functions. The pneumatic pump seems running from a single pump cylinder!? The only strange thing it is the way it looks positioned. Just behind the motor, i.e. in the opposite direction to the motor shat output...Or is it another cylinder for the pneumatic "dump" bed!? Don't think so...
    Also this pneumatic dump bed feature, came to puzzle the way I have imagined the Unimog controls should work

    Somehow I still doubt on this information about a pneumatic dump bed.


Well...I don't know about you, but I'm going to start saving NOW!  I will (hopefully) buy it and give an X-view on it!

Stay tuned!


[via TechnicBRICKS and Brickset]

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