March 11, 2011

LEGO Motion Simulator

Hello everyone!

I have a new MOC to show!  This is my entry for the Technic challenge: the LEGO Motion Simulator!

A motion simulator is like a Stewart Platform.  It can move in various different ways, but, while the Stewart Platform has 6 DOF (Degrees Of Freedom), my Motion Simulator only has 3.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="697" caption="Real motion simulator"][/caption]

This is a real Motion Simulator that you might see at amusement parks.  Motion simulators usually show some kind of video of something that requires a real feeling to be cool.  What I mean by that is, something like a roller coaster.  Without the felling of it, just watching is pretty boring.  Company's have also built motion simulators for games!

The Technic Challenge for this month was all about Linear Actuators.  Well, mine has 3, but I also made a pneumatic one just for fun (I'm still working on the pump).

Here are some pic's of my motion simulator and....a video at the end!  Hope you like it!

Note: The parts with the yellow beam: those are with the camera on TOP of the car. I'm moving the camera using the actuators so that you can get the feel of what's it's like to be a passenger.

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