February 20, 2011

How do the Linear Actuators work (both new and old)?

Hello everyone!  The Techinc designers have posted something new on the Technic blog!  You can see it HERE(link).  I will write a quick summery for you!

This is the old fashion way of doing a Linear Actuator: (1) You would turn the worm gear which would rotate the (2) 8t gear and moving the (3) gear rack back and forth.

The old LA (the longer one), for me, worked pretty well.  But it wasn't able to lift heavy loads without the clutch engaging.  Here's how it works: The user puts an axle in the orange clutch mechanism (1) and the turns the white threaded tube (kind of like the worm gear up above)(3) and that pushes the threaded piston in and out (4).

The new LA (I don't have yet :( ) looks really nice!  Here's how it works: The user attaches an axle on the orange axle end which is also the "worm gear" in this example (1).  Then, the piston goes in and out (2).  This LA has a clutch system as well (3).

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