October 8, 2010

Got back from vacation and got some new LEGO parts while I was gone!

Hello everybody!  I just got from a fun vacation!  And while I was there, I got some cool LEGO stuff done and received LEGO parts while I was gone!  Here's a list of what I got done:

  1. Started making a Bluetooth guide (made some good headway!)

  2. Tried at least 3 different stair climber ideas (1 of them almost made it, except for the wiring problem [LEGO needs wireless motors])

  3. Destroyed my Scopio XV-1!  here's the video:

Now here's the list of parts I got while I was gone (plus, a pic [not mine, from the seller]):

[caption id="attachment_531" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="LOTS of LEGO parts!"][/caption]

NXT Stuff

  • 1 NXT brick

  • 3 NXT motors

  • 1 of each NXT 1.0 default sensor

  • 1 MS Accelerometer (old)

  • 1 MS IR sensor (old)

RCX Stuff

  • 4 RCX Touch Sensors

  • 1 RCX Light Sensor

  • 2 RCX Motors (black and grey)

  • LOTS of wire (most of it split and to to mix and match wires [I assume for different lengths])

Wheels (just the highlights)

  • 3 RCX Motorcycle tire (4 tires, only 3 wheels :( )

  • 4 NXT 1.0 wheels (only 3 tires and 3 wheels :( )

  • And other coold wheels

Gears (just the highlights)

  • 2 differentials (the 16t and 24t kind)

  • 1 large turntable and 2 small turntables (the newer ones)

  • Other cool gears


  • 1 large pump (no spring)

  • 3 cylinders (round type)

  • 4 new switches

  • LOTS of T's and tubing!!!

  • about 9 grey shock absorbers

Other random LEGO pieces

  • I gave those to my bro :D

This is gonna be fun!  I think I got a good deal on this!

I know everyone is waiting for the next LEGO-X podcast.  And I know that you want it to be a video podcast.  I will tell you right now....it WILL be a video podcast!  I'm trying to see if I can get some green fabric ( ;) ), and a decent software for video editing.  Video podcasts are a LOT harder than audio, so it will take a bit longer than useual.  Stay tuned!



  1. wow that list of parts is impressive... lucky you! but i don't understand... the part when you throw your Scorpio down the stairs :(

  2. Thanks! I'm really happy with them. The only sad part is the NXT brick seems to be not working :( . lol...the Scopio thing was just something fun I did on vacation. Funny :D