July 17, 2010

More "coming soon" stuff from Mindsensors!!

A few months ago, I posted about Mindsensors' Altimeter that will be coming soon. Now, Mindsensors has added two more items to the list! Here they are: a Numeric keypad, and a OBD-II interface. The numeric keypad should be self-explanatory, but the OBD-II interface is a little more advanced. The OBD-II interface will allow the NXT to record data from...guess...your CAR!  Quoted from Mindsensors' "coming soon" page:
With this interface, you will be able to connect NXT to a car's computer, and
- Find out and log actual mileage of your car.
- Get performance characteristics and log that data.
- Find out engine codes and/or reset them.

more about OBD-II: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obd-ii#OBD-II


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