June 25, 2010

2H2010 sets availibe at PIXmania at EXTREME prices!

At PIXmania, they have the new 2H2010 Technic sets available and ready to ship.  YAY!  But wait, there's more; they have them priced EXTREMELY high (e.g. The big yellow excavator if you wait, it'll be $200, but if you buy it at PIXmania, [from Euro to USD], it'll be $240!).  Now, I guess that's not all bad.  I'll give you a table of the prices of everything (These will be converted from Euro to USD and rounded).

8052 Blue Container Truck: 65 Euro = $80
8051 Moterbike: 43 Euro = $53
8043 Excavator: 190 Euro = $240

Now, you may have noticed that the mobile crane is not there, in the list, that I got from TechnicBricks, it was not listed, so we might have to wait till August to buy it.


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