April 16, 2010

News update: something...AWESOME!

beepbeepbeep..beepbeep..beepbeepbeep..This is an important bulletin!  Bazmarc, has gone to Atlanta, Georgia for the FLL Championship event, (you can watch Live feeds from the different arenas too!  Check them out HERE[link])!  WOO HOO!  BUT, he has taken something...AWESOME with him.  What is it you ask?  Well, it's a cross between a wall, and an alphabet letter.  Give up?  Well, if you guessed correctly, you would'va guessed WALL-E!!!!!!!!  yes!  That's right, Bazmarc has created a Wall-E again!  You can see his first Wall-E  HERE(link).  This 2nd Wall-E has much more features than his first one:
  1. Motors: 2 (drive), 1 (front hatch), 1 (arms), 2 (head)
  2. Sensors: NXT 2.0 Color Sensor, Touch Sensor, Mindsensors PFMate, Ultrasonic sensor
  3. Random Features: Arms out (like he's going to hug you) and in, head has a neck and can turn left and right, it has the Wall-E plant on him :-)
Great job Bazmarc!  Maybe you'll make a 3rd Wall-E (lol)?
Here are some pic's
First "Draft"
Green Screened!

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