March 8, 2010

Tower crane!

Top half
Well, here is another creation of mine!  I tried making a tower crane before, but didn't have enough beams.  Now I DO!  I personally think it looks like a giant elephant!  Because the base is smaller than the crane itself!  LOL!  As far as I know, it can hold 2 weight LEGO Bricks.  I'm sure it can hold at least 5 weight bricks, but I don't know.  The features: R/C (String movements.  Turntable not motorized), lights (2 pairs), trolley, hook.  The Specs: 1 PF XL-Motor (Hook), 2 PF M-Motors (Trolley), 2 pairs of lights (for work in the dark).
My cat (Abner) wanted to be in my shot :-D
Trolley motors
Hook motor
Bottom half

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