March 12, 2010

Some bad news and some good news

Uh oh!  Do you see that 0 visit drop (If you don't, click the image to expand it)?  I think that's partly my fault.  I'm going to have to get that video podcast up (and SOON!).  That's the first bad news.  The first good news is that DKdude1, has decided to come back!!  YAY!!  Well, we sure missed him, especially in podcasts (it sounds kind of lonely with just me).  Now, I have one more bad news :-(.  Linear Actuator (LA) has decided to resign Lego-X :-(.  We'll miss you LA!

Well, thank you everybody for coming to this blog (but obviously not yesterday - lol)!!!  Lego-X's hits are over 7000!!  So, thanks again!


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