March 11, 2010

New creation from my 8891 Idea Book!

Well, I'm on a building spree!  I'm really enjoying building stuff, just to show you guys!  Thank you everybody for looking/bookmarking/favorite'ing/following/etc. this blog!

Anyway, this build came from my 8891 Idea book.  I call it: The Flight Simulator!  Again, this uses 2 of the old Technic motors.  So, I improvised, and used 2 PF M-Motors instead.  I use a PF IR Remote to control the left/right/up/down movements using Jason Railton's design.  I also used 1 pair of PF Lights and a Switch to control them :-)

P.S. how do you like the new Lego-X blog?  Looks pretty sweet if you ask me!  If you have any troubles/bus/comments, you know where to go.  What?!  You don't?  COMMENTS!  lol!

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