March 31, 2010

MCP4 - Sneak Peak - Mindstorms NXT 3.0!!

YAY!!  MCP4 has told some sneak peaks about an upgraded NXT!  There's some new stuff, and MORE of old stuff.  Here is what they are telling us (for now):

  • New touch sensor will recognize Pressed, Released, bumped, and RUBBED!!
  • 40 Hassenplugs!  WOW!
  • 10 "smithpins"  a new piece that will allow 7L beams to be positioned at obtuse angles!
  • 50L beams!!  And we were complaining about how there weren't enough 15L beams in the 2.0 set.  lol!
  • LEGO 2MB memory card support!  YES!  the rumored price is $50-$60.
  • Mirrored motors: (via TheNXTStepyou only get 1 of these, but that's all you'll need. The standard motors will be cut from 3 to 1 in the kit, but the mirror motor is simply a housing that fuses two NXT motors t"ogether so you no longer have to come up with methods for connecting them and keeping them rigid.
WOW!  Which one do you look forward to?  It's rumored to be coming out in August, the same time as the Excavator :-(.  Also, the said price as around $125!!!  YAY!!  So, now there are TWO polls going on on the Lego-X blog: Which new piece/sensor do you look forward to?  And, What should I get (again) (the excavator or the NXT 3.0)?  I'm kind of leaning towards NXT 3.0, but I guess I can't make a decision till I know more about it, so I will let the polls go till August.

Edit: I personally think that this is one big April Fools joke.  And I have lots of evidence:

  1. I have a friend that works for MCP4 and he said that it was an April Fools joke
  2. $125?  Really?  The brick itself costs more then that!
Now here is proof that it DOES exist:
  1. Xander Soldaat says "Being a member of the MCP4, I can assure that it's completely real. I've had a prototype for a few months now and it's really awesome, you will love it!"  You can read it your self at the NXTasy Forums:
What do YOU think?

Update about the Edit: It has been confirmed by MCP4 members that NXT 3.0 IS in fact real.  So, I'm going definitely going to think about buying that!  I mean, come on!  $125?  That sounds WAY to good to be true, but it's true!

Update about the Update about the Edit: (sarcastic laugh) ha..ha..ha :-|.  TheNXtStep contributors really tried this year, and they almost got me, but NO!!!  I will NOT fall for it!  Did you fall for it?  So, yes, it all WAS a prank (a pretty big one if you ask me).  BUT!  All the new stuff that they said, WILL be put into consideration.  So, stay tuned for the REAL NXT 3.0!

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