March 26, 2010

Adhesive NXT Brick covers

Interesting...though this would be cool if you wanted to make a color coded robot.  I have LOTS of yellow, so the yellow color is pretty useful for me.  They are 5.36 Euros/$7.17, so pretty good price.  I'm still curious if it's a spray-on cover, a removable/reusable cover, or something else.  Can it bu used only once?  Can you take it off for th white, then put it back on?  So many questions!  You can check out all the choices HERE(link).

In other news, the website for the covers also has the new Energy Add-On E-Motors and solar panels etc. individually!!  So, if you only want the new stuff (excluding the PF Lights and Propeller fins), this is the place to go!

There is also a new blog I found (via TheNXTStep) called "RoboBlog" (German Blog).  It has NXT new and other interesting robotics.


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