February 28, 2010

Lego Technic Challenge - March_Offroader, Telescopic Handler, and NXT Firmware!

YAY!!  This month's Technic Challenge is: Offroader!  It's the same details, but I found a funny glitch.  On the "Enter Competition" page, it says the entering ends "02-14-2010".  LOL!  They'll probably fix this quick, so get over there and laugh!  I will also post pictures of it, so stay tuned!

In other news {I've ALWAYS wanted to say that :-) }, I have PFed my Telescopic Handler from 2008.  Sadly, all it can do is drive and steer.  I also had to change it from 4-wheel steering to 2-wheel steering, plus, I added Pneumatics instead of the 9-hole beams (where the angle beams and the boom meet via 9-hole beams).

Also (again), the NXT Firmware 1.29 is OUT!!!  YES!!  I have not yet tested it, but I will A.S.A.P!


I tried out the NXT 1.29 Frimware, and the only differences that I can see are:
  1. Try Color
  2. View Color
  3. Datalog Color
  4. Demo V2 Program
These are the pictures I got (via NXT Screen).

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