February 19, 2010

Crawler Town by DeGobbi. And MAN, is it BIG!!!!!

 WOW!!!  I AM FLOORED!!!!  Never have I seen anything SOOO BIG (well....)!!  This is a PERFECT example of "It's Quantity, AND quality"(wait...).

Too bad there's no motor, but if it DID have a motor, I bet not even 4 XL-motors would drive THAT thing!  Great job DeGobbi!  Also, check out the rest of his Pic's HERE(link)!

P.S. I have a goal I want to set for this year.  We have had over 5000 hits!  *Applause!*  Anyway, the goal for this year is to have at least 12000 Hits!  BUT to have that, we need to spread the word about Lego-X.  If you want to promote my blog on YOUR blog, I will happily (with a smiley!:-D) promote YOUR blog in return!  So, THAT'S the Lego-X goal for 2010!  And, if we DO accomplish our goal, uh....I don't know.  You have any ideas?  COMMENT THEM!!  I'll do pretty much anything, except dancing "The Chicken Dance" with a chicken suit (please!  Have mercy!)!

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