February 15, 2010

8043 Excavator coming in AUGUST!!!!! WOO HOO!!!

YES!!!  WE FINALLY KNOW!!!  And we know the price!  Unfortunately, it's more expensive than expected (wow, that sounded weird :-P).  The final price is $199.99 (USD), $249.99 (CAD).  I don't know how the money system works for Canada, but if it works like it does down here (Oregon), then, that's a RIP OFF!  But, like I said, I don't know how it works up there.  You can check out the Flickr page HERE(link) for all of the upcoming 2010H2 Sets (Technic is down at the bottom).
OH!!  I almost forgot: for all of those people who like the OTHER 2010H2 sets, here is a table with the listings (both USD and CAD):
  • 8043 Excavator: $199.99 (USD) | $249.99 (CAD) | (1123 Pieces)
  • 8051 MotorBike: $39.99 (USD) | $54.99 (CAD) | (467 Pieces)
  • 8052 Container Truck: $69.99 (USD) | $89.99 (CAD) | (686 Pieces)
  • 8053 Mobile Crane: $99.99 (USD) | $129.99 (CAD) | (1289 Pieces)

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