January 6, 2010

Augmented Reality from Atlantis! w00t!

WOW!!!  And it's so easy to do!  At the Atlantis LEGO site, they have LOADS of cool features!  3D, Augmented Reality, and some more!  As you can see to the left, all you do is hold up a piece of paper with a symbol on it, then hold it up to your webcam!  This one to the left is the Wreck Raider, I've also tried the shark too!  And another thing that's easy about this is: it's the same symbol for ALL 4 of the icons!  No wasting ink or anything like that!  There is ONE thing that made it a little bit difficult though.  When you click the "Print" link, you have to press CTRL-S to save it to your computer.  I didn't realize that until today.  Well, hope you guys had a good "First day back to school" day.  BTW, sorry I didn't get around to that podcast, I've been pretty busy with the holidays and school.  So, there might or might NOT be one in late January or Febuary.  Stay tuned!

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