January 8, 2010

2nd Lego-X contest! Up and running!

Well, it's that time again.  Time for a new LEGO-X CONTEST (fanfare)!!!!  This contest has it's own theme, and that theme is: LEGO History Test.  The prize is a logo for you blog/website or, if you DON'T have a blog/website, or you just don't want one, in the box (in the contest entry) that says "Colors of your blog", put your favorite colors.  And in stead of "You blog name", do you username, or real name.  Confused?  Comment!  Well, here it is!
This contest will last until February 28th, so hurry with those answers!


P.S. Hey...Ya you!  Highlight this post.  There might be something hidden in here.  You didn't see anything (wait...)!

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