December 4, 2009

New stuff for 2010!

WOW!!  From more than 50 years (even 1 year!) to now, the technology is AWESOME!!!  There is going to be a LOT of new stuff from Lego Ed.  As I posted earlier, there IS going to be some new stuff.  This picture to the left is a page from a brochure.  New NXT 2.0 color sensor is going to be sold separately!!!  Let's hope we don't new the 2.0 software to use it (like the Temperature sensor).  It also looks that all the new stuff (new E-Motor, Sol1r Panel etc.) is going to be used with the NXT

This next picture is a bunch of new stuff coming in 2H2010.  Looks like a power meter, E-Motor, solar panel, and normal PF stuff.

YAY!!!  new NXT Battery charger!  Too bad it STILL sticks out about 1 stud :-(

WOW!!  Now THIS is going to be cool!  New Resource set for the NXT!  I wonder if it comes with building and programing instructions for those robots!!
Also shown: 2.0 Lego Ed software

WOW!!  I LOVE THE FUTURE!!  Imagine life without technology!  Well, I guess it's not THAT bad without technology (HA!).  You can see more pictures of these new toys at ZED's Brickshelf folder HERE.

P.S. Information found from TechnicBricks.

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