December 1, 2009

Lego-X Review #1: NXT Guitar Challenge Game

Hello!  This is Lego-Extreme's first Project review!  For the first review, Dave Parker's (from NXT programs) NXT Guitar Challenge game.  First announced on The NXT Step, the Guitar Challenge Game (GCG) is not as I expected it to be.

Pros: Great idea!, Whammy bar, New Strum Bar
Cons: You have to buy the CD for the full version, You have to use an iPod, MP3, or computer to play music.

Build Experience: 3/5 stars
The build was much like the first Guitar from NXT Programs, but this one had a twist.  There was a different strum bar, a whammy bar, and the US sensor is at the bottom now, instead of the top.

Program: N/A
Dave, sadly, did NOT give access to the Source code for download, but you can get it from his CD.

Play: 3/5 stars
The play of the game was not what I thought.  My thought was he would use the NXT Speaker to play the music, but he didn't.  What you have to do is, download the song to your iPod or MP3 player or even just your computer, then, play it at the right time!  I did not like this at all!

Overall: 3/5 stars
Dave put a GREAT effort into this, and I know he didn't have a LOT of time to do it (with FLL and all), but I'd say this is NOT for a Guitar Hero Fan who thinks this'll be the same thing.

How did you like the first ever Lego-X Review?  Have a project?  Comment the link, I might do a review, plus you get it advertised at the same time!

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