November 18, 2009

Hot Coco Maker - Mixer

Hello everyone!  I have here, my new Hot Coco Module!  The Mixer!

This first picture is the front.  You can see the mechanism for the up and down motion.  It starts in the up position, then goes down untill the touch sensor reads "not touched" or False.

This is the On/Off switch for the blade of the mixer.  I DO have an LDD for the switch, but I don't have one for the mixer itself, so E-Mail me if you want the LDD file (

Close up of the blade.  You can see that, since I don't have the PF extension cord, I have to use switches :-(

This is another front view.

Well, there you have it!  How do you like the Hot Coco Maker series?  All I need to finish it is: 3 more NXT motors, more Bulldozer tracks, and a few more beams and such.  BTW, I forgot to mention, that Technic and Mindstorm updated there page!  w00t!  And Mindstorm has there own newsletter now!  Here are the links to the pages: MINDSTORM and TECHNIC.

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  1. wow your blog is pretty informative
    - i think your coco mixer is very cool - good luck with finding the part you need for the next module.