October 25, 2009

New LEGO page coming in 2010(pronounced: twenty-ten)

Hey everyone!  I just found the most secret, the most awesomest, the most bestest, and the most awesomest(wait...), LEGO page,  THAT ISN'T EVEN OUT YET!!!  Do you want a picture?  Do ya?  Come on!  I know you do!  Anyway, welcome...to the 22 century!

www.games.lego.com                                                                                   www.games.lego.com
TA-DA!!!!!  Now, you're problably going to wonder, "Is he going to give me an address to it?", well THAT would be too easy!  If you very web savy, you can figer it out quite easily: the PRODUCT is GAMES.  Come on geniuses!  Figure it out!  Can't?  Well, you got to look CLOSELY at this posting!
I'm mean aren't I?  lol
P.S. there are decoys! 

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