September 24, 2009

First LU VIP code give a way and more!

Hello everyone!!!  WOW!!!  How long has it been?  Anyway, Lego-X is starting the (dramatic music here) Lego Universe VIP code Give-a-Way!!  Soon, the Lego-X team is going to give you the newest VIP code that comes in the newsletter.  As soon as I get that newsletter, I'll "give it away".
In other news, the podcast is coming along well.  It comes out the 30th, so tell you friends, neighbors, family, dog and your cat(that might be kind of tricky).
Also, I'm most probably going to the BrickCON 2009, I've never been there before, so maybe you'll see me there.  That, I imagine, is going to be hard if you don't know what I look like.  Hmmmm.
The contest deadline is coming soon!!!  We've only gotten 2 entries!!!  WHAT?!?!?  You better hurry with those submissions!  Details are HERE.
So, there is the update.
Lego-X Team Captain

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