August 29, 2009

More contest details and extended!

Hello everyone!  I've decided to extend the contest because I feel that some of you didn't understand the prize.  The extended dead-line is now September 30th 2009 6:00 AM(pacific).  The prize is an animated advertisment for your blog/website.  What I do is make an awesome advertisment for your blog/wensite using a software called "3D Plus 2".  I used this software for the 1000th visitor sign too.  And for the podcast.  Also, I will add you to my blog list on the side-bar.  If you have any questions, please comment!!!  I want to know if you don't understand.  Remember, E-mail me you submissions to with the subject "Contest"(this is a MUST!).  Also remember, the contest is "What does the word 'Lego' mean and where did it come from?".

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  1. Best to you with next podcast.
    Thanks for the super prize.

    I: /. 7.