July 6, 2009


Hey everyone!! I just got back from camping at Mossy Rock State Park in Washington! I live in Oregon, so it took about 3 hours of sitting......sitting.......and well more sitting! Anyway, Lego S@H just announced the NXT 2.0 and is selling it now! For an expensive price of: $280! I see I have a new follower! w00t! And a LOT of people have come to my blog! Also w00t! If you're new, please be a follower! THX! I also got my new Accelerometer sensor! My old one broke, so I contacted HiTechnic about it and they sent a new one if I sent my broken one back. So, I have a fresh from the box sensor! Well, I guess that's all. If you see me on my chatbox, say "hi".

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