June 27, 2009

New Lego Products!!! w00t!!

Hey everyone!! Guess what, there are new Technic, Mindstorms and a lot more Lego products. YAY!!!:-D I'm going to list all of the new Mindstorm and Technic mproducts(because that is what this site is all about) :
Mindstorms NXT 2.0!
Technic Front Loader!
Technic Snow Groomer!
Technic Crane Truck!
(I like using exclamation points)I think my favorite is.........well, I'm sure you guessed it by now, yes, the NXT 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(add one more "!")!
I like the Crane Truck 2nd, the Front Loader 3rd and the Snow Groomer 4th.
I think I'm going to save for the NXT 2.0, but you tell me. Use the poll on the sidebar and vote! I'll give you a LOT of time(until the end of summer).
Have fun building!

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